Lucky Patcher Downlord apk

June 15, 2017

Lucky Patcher is an application for editing files in the Android APK installed programs. It allows you to modify them in such a way that, for example, change the permissions, remove or disable components advertising impeding launch applications from outside the Play Store.

To complete the program it is necessary to access the root (some functions will work, however, and without it), but does not require advanced knowledge. Once started, the application yourself scans installed programs and checks that their components can be changed. If we decide on any action, you will be asked only about the initial configuration, and the whole process will be carried out automatically.

According to the manufacturer, Lucky Patcher has no negative impact on the already installed programs on your system and can not corrupt them. It is worth while noting that the effectiveness of the application may depend on the particular case, there is no assurance that actions will be carried out due to the assumed (hence the origin of the name of the program).

Android at the beginning gives its users many opportunities for personalization. The situation is even more interesting from the point of view of these advanced, who are not afraid of interference in the system. Rootowanie, install their own ROMs, or the use of additional modules, for example, using the Xposed framework, are some methods to better adapt the system to suit your needs. Another tool that can add to this list is the Lucky Patcher - the application interferes in the APK file, which removes them from unwanted elements, including, for example, advertising and chosen privileges ...



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